Helena UnLocked
Helena Locke has come to help London River with a shoot. Unfortunately their male talent who is supposed to bottom today doesn't arrive for work. Disappointed, London decides that she can at least make sure her bondage looks good and asks Helena to help her test it. Once she sees Helena in bondage with her sexy ass exposed, London decides that there is no reason why she still can't have fun today.

London starts by spanking and whipping Helena. She then turns her over so she can play with her feet. She gives her feet and ass a hot wax treatment and removes the wax with a flogger. London doesn't want Helena to get dehydrated though, so she puts her in a barrel and uses a funnel to make Helena drink water until London is satisfied. After that, London decides to test Helena's throat with some severe face fucking. Once London has used Helena's mouth to her satisfaction, she uses a vibrator to rip intense orgasms from Helena. By the end, Helena is a beautiful, panting, hazy-eyed mess.
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