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I had just enough chain to reach the end where it was attached to the floor, but it was locked to the ground. The thick metal collar around my neck was also locked. The rubber in my mouth was surrounded by a strap of metal that locked behind my head. I was trapped. As if I could have released the chain from the floor he came in and pulled it tighter so I could no longer reach the lock. When I had finally gotten comfortable he came in and pulled it even tighter.

The device he put me on next held me with my ass in the air. With my legs spread my sweet pussy was completely exposed. His tender caress and gentle kiss only made me more afraid of what he was going to do to me next. When the heavy paddle hit my ass for the first time I knew this was going to be worse than I had feared. My screams didn't slow him down. They only made him decide to finger my asshole before he shoved a thick metal hook inside.

His final contortion leaves my asshole completely open for a giant dildo and my ass exposed for a heavy caning. That's not enough for him though. He canes my feet till I'm near tears. Then he decides to try and get me to cum. It's not hard. Pumping the dildo a little and vibrating my clit is all it takes before I'm panting and shaking with orgasm.
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