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Sex slave Abigail Dupree has been taken her pussy stretching to the next level of extreme. Her Master has her extended on a perch bondage device with her legs hoisted in the air from a stretcher bar that places her in just the right position to be stuffed with food and fucked at the pleasure of her Master. She was in pain from the bondage device while I stretched and explored her sensitive holes.

Discipline is thus the foundation of mental adaptation, but initially has only a purely formal validity, purpose. In the course of training the elements of discipline are increasingly being targeted on internalization of rules and prohibitions, and to the personality of the slave. Mental adaptation aims at the gradual inner adaptation of the slave to the desired role model through rules and measures that gradually change reality and perception of reality and eliminate or replace old realities over the long term. Mental adaptation is based on rules, prohibitions, controls of discipline, but goes beyond the purely formal purpose and forces the evolutionary development of the slave according to the defined objectives. Mental adaptation is subdivided into the sub-levels: Realitäts determination, Verhaltens determination, Kognitions determination, Emotions determination

Key element here is - Realität determination: This is a concept adapted here as humiliation remotely secondary, (or the public view of humiliation) based on affirming a quality, is based on a judgement that states an assertoric modality. Her cunt is an object because her Master requires it.

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