Stuck in the Mud part 2
Part II: After a receiving a full experience at just two days prior, this little pain slut was back for more. But it just didn't seem right to give her exactly what she wanted. For being such a tough girl, Abigail Annalee sure has a lot of fears. Master James just so happened to tap right into them one after the other. Trembling and petrified, she is taunted by Master James as his unpredictability with the simplest of implements, tests her to a point of tears. slave 779 doesn't like bugs as a "Monster bug" centipede walks on her head down to her nose and mouth to find some other prey to feed on. Freezing cold water from the pressurized spray nozzle to wash some of the mud off and another point of her anguish is discovered... the cold. Being the country bumpkin she is you'd think she was used to getting dirty but when the mud starts flying and is made to move up to 20 lbs iron balls with a shovel, the grimace on her face shows disgust and humiliation. She begs for pain instead of these horrible things as she is brought back down where the real fun begins.
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