Sitting Pretty
Sarah Jane Ceylon hardtied 2013-09-04 34.95 credits Buy Movie
Sarah Jane is bound tight in a series of positions she's never experienced before.

At one point she finds herself in the most pleasurable and painful bondage predicament of her life. With her legs twisted over each other and ankles tied back, she's made to orgasm over and over.

Each time she cums, the building waves of pleasure are met with increasingly intense muscle contractions. Restrained and exposed in this contorted position, she can barely budge let alone escape the vibrator busily buzzing between her legs.

Her helplessness turns her on, which in turn makes her cum harder, which in turn makes the muscle contractions worse, leaving her feel even more helpless.

At her wits end, she doesn't know whether to cum or cry.
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Uncut: No editing, one take. All the tying onscreen, no breaks for poor Calico.
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