Blabber Mouth Part 2 Live Feeds are awesome. We have all hands on deck, ready to deal out the sadistic punishments that our members have suggested. Many hands makes light work. It means we all get to take turns having fun with the girls, like the two lovelies we have today, Bonnie Day and Nikki Darling.

Bonnie is in the hot seat, getting caned while a dildo is put in her throat. She is screaming like she doesn't enjoy it, but that's not the sound we want to hear today. We're going to find the kind of pain that turns her on so we can hear her moan like the true masochist she is. A dull cane gives us a sharp scream, so we'll see if the sting of the whip will get us a few of the soft moans we're looking for.

Maybe screaming is just how Bonnie expresses her sexual pleasure, though. It certainly seems that way when we press the Hitachi to her clit. She comes alive like there is a live wire hooked to her pussy (that will come later), and starts spitting and cursing at our crew. Here we are trying to give her the most intense orgasms she has ever had and she is so ungrateful. We'll have to get her back for that.
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