Fear of Need Part One
Elise Graves infernalrestraints 2010-05-21 19.99 credits Buy Movie
When Elise Graves talks about how much she, like, loves being, like, a part of anything that can, like, feed her cravings for, like, submission. She is not, like, kidding. She may not know how to say it, but the way her pussy gets wet for pain proves it well enough. PD takes one look at her and goes straight to work. There is no need to warm her up or get her ready. From the first stroke to the last, his canes are flying at full strength. Nothing he does to her is going to be half-assed. Elise wanted the full experience so PD will give it to her. By the time she has cum for the first time she is already sobbing and the great part is that she is begging for more.

But PD has a masterpiece in store for her. Elise is strapped to a wheel and below it is a freezing cold tank of water. She has a deep fear of water. Being tied, helplessly, and then lowered into the cold is almost enough to give her fits. It leaves her gasping for air and praying for it to stop.
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