Homework Interrupted at Daddys House
My 18 year old daughter is still in high school and a chronic masturbater. She stays with me at my house when her mother is out of the country on business, which has been more often these days. Abigail is not very mature for her age mentally but looks like she is in her twenties and very sexually indiscriminate because this is the way I have raised her.

Abigail is falling behind in school again, So she is given extra Homework to do. She has already been held back twice for various reasons that include misconduct in a sexual manner with a teacher and the vise principal on separate occasions. Both of whom have been fired from their jobs, which is another story...

I can understand why she is constantly in trouble this way, it is from the way I have trained her, but now she has gotten way out of hand being that my brother in-law, her uncle has been taking advantage of her the passed few months.

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