Poor Sales Part 2
Ariel Blue infernalrestraints 2017-05-12 19.99 credits Buy Movie
As most pretty girls do I always get my way. Sometimes it means flirting with the right person. Sometimes it means letting someone slap my butt on occasion. Sometimes it means letting the boss throw me across his desk and fuck me till he's emptied his balls.

When the big boss OT called me into his office I thought I knew what I was going to have to do. I'd shake my pretty little ass in his face. Maybe bat my pretty little eyes and he'd ignore the fact that my sales have been dropping steadily. Instead OT had his own ideas. After he tied me up with rope in several different ways for Hardtied I found myself straddling a block of wood that was way too sharp at the top. My head was completely covered with a thick leather bag. I could barely breath through the nose holes. When he put clamps on my nipples I knew I was in for a horrible time. I should never have flirted with OT.

I tried to entice him to fuck me, but he just wanted to put me in different contorted horrible devices. He finally gave me an orgasm, but not the way I wanted it. I wanted him to fuck me. I always want them to fuck me. What can I say? I'm Ariel Blue and I'm a dirty slut!
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