Beating Bella
Bella Rossi Jack Hammer hardtied 2014-10-01 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Bella Rossi has never been tied up by Jack Hammer. How the two of them have known each other this long and never gotten around to that is one of life's great mysteries. It isn't going to be a problem after today, though.

What makes Bella so exciting is how she reacts to pain. If you choke her even a little bit she is dripping wet by the time your hand comes away. If you tie off her tits and take the cane to them it is almost as good as a vibrator when it comes to making her cum. The two of them together are more than enough to make her blow her top.

And how could anyone resist that kind of temptation? Look at her body. Those tits are MADE for this kind of torment. Her throat is begging for a good squeeze. If you don't do it to her, just tie her into a predicament and watch her do it to herself. She's too ready eager to let a little thing like lack of air stop her from getting off.
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