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No one likes a brat. They are so smug and self-centered. When you crack through that obnoxious mask they wear though you see the truth. Deep down they are insecure. Isabel is a spitter and a shit talker. As hard as OT hits her she maintains her impish behavior. That doesn't dissuade him though.

With each scene OT breaks Isabel's spirit a little more. Suspending her, caning her, and wrapping her face with tape he slowly takes her sense of self away.

Isabel stays strong until the end. OT's final torment does her in. He mounts a vibrator on the fucking machine and aims it at her clit. She only gets a second or two of vibration before it's pulled away. Isabel struggles to get her clit on the end of the vibrator, but she can't move much. The horrible feeling of being edged finally breaks through to Isabel.
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