Tell Me What To Do
Colette Rouge Elise Graves hardtied 2014-07-09 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Colette Rouge and Elise Graves met at a party. Elise saw her playing in her lingerie and immediately knew that she had to have her. It's easy to see why. Colette has nice tits, with the kind of perky little nipples that stand out ready to be clamped. She has a round ass that is firm so you know that it's going to show the marks when you start in with the kind of corporal punishment that Elise loves to inflict. And most importantly, the way Colette moves sends a very clear message, that she is strong, flexible, and knows how to handle strenuous rope bondage.

Elise works with the perfect mixture of rough handling and tenderness. She pulls Colette in and uses the rope to pose her how she wants, binds her there tightly, then gently caresses her body, feeling the way that the different positions change the curves of her body. When Elise gives Colette's hair a tug her eyes roll back into her head like it is pure bliss.

When she starts to move her hands between Colette's thighs, that's when the transformation is complete. She's no longer the sweet thing that sat in the interview chair, or even the sexy temptress Elise met at the party. Once she feels Elise's fingers working her pussy she is just putty in her hands, a whimpering mass of horny flesh, begging to get off. And as cruel as Elise may be, she has never been one to hold out on a girl who is willing to do anything for an orgasm. She'll make her work for it, but in the end that just makes it a more intense, explosive, and erotic experience for Colette.
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