[Archive] Boiler Room Pet
Freya French Rain DeGrey topgrl 2015-03-23 9.99 credits Buy Movie
You find the best things in the least likely places. Or at least I do. For instance, Freya French is a lovely little gift hanging out in the boiler room. I was expecting something disgusting like rats or a stray cat when I heard the sounds coming through the vents. Imagine my surprise when I came across a hot, submissive piece of ass, just looking for someone to make her feel like filth.

She looked like a scared little animal, hiding behind the equipment. I coaxed her out with a soft voice and a beckoning finger. She came to me, rubbing herself up against me gently. She'll be a sweet little play thing to break up the monotony of my day. I love finding strays. They are always so starved for attention and affection that you can really treat them rough and they just keep on begging for more.
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