Whiny Bitch 3
Elise Graves realtimebondage 2012-10-02 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Elise Graves is going to show us her moves. PD has hooked some voltage up to her body and to avoid the electricity she is going to need to dance for us. The only problem is that every shock makes her gyrate in a new and interesting way. Of course we are going to turn the power on, no matter how well she shimmies, if it means getting a few new moves out of her. One of our members suggested that it would be fun to run the current through her clit. He was right.

The sexy swinging contraption is always a favorite, too. It contorts Elise in just the right way to make her ass, pussy, feet, tits and face all available for torment. She can be slapped, caned, fucked and fondled, all at the same time. Even better, with a little bit of water, we can hook her back up to the power and use it to silence any complaints out of her. After some direct shocks to her labia and ass, she will beg for just about anything else.
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