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I thought I was tough when I came looking for my sister. The last I had heard she was doing some weird photo shoot with this guy OT. I finally found him and confronted him. I was so wrong. I wasn't so tough after all. He easily got the upper hand. I found myself locked between pipes. I tried earnestly to escape, but I it was useless. I was his now too.

The contraption he put me in was stressful. Unable to sit or kneel, but unable to stand either. I couldn't fathom the pains my sister had suffered through. A huge rubber dick found its way to the back of my throat. He mounted it to the same device I was mounted to. Gagged in that way I couldn't even protest when he fondled my breasts.

I thought that he might let me go once he had his fun with me, but the device was more versatile and more sinister than I could have ever imagined. His final insult came when he used a heavy steel bar to penetrate my sensitive cunt. He used painful clips to expose my flesh and then entered my body with his massive rod. The worst part... I loved it!!
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