Captured Sex Slave
Here you will find a captured slave to be trained in the art of BDSM sex slavery. A Master can only hope that his efforts will bring limitless pleasure, not only for himself, but for many.
A good slave is simple chattel. In addition to, a properly trained sex slave my a Master in BDSM, is invaluable, a commodity type product that can be captured, bought and sold, such as copper or coffee. With this in mind, said chattel can be traded or rented for a time. This commerce is a service that is part of the slave training to be humble on the path to giving all to Master.
The difference is consent from the slave. The approbation from slave to it's Master is the sole reason for being, is for the pleasure of Master. With no rights, no privileges, and worthy of no special considerations. Whatever pleasures Master is it's whole existence. It's mind and my body are Master's property to do with whatever Master chooses. The slave exists only to serve and to serve well.
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