Crybaby Part 1
Mercy West is hot. Like, really hot. Watch the way that she moves when she strips naked for us. She is not as innocent as she looks. Any girl that shakes her ass like that has had some practice.

Of course, where as some men and women may see such a hot piece of ass and become obsessed with fucking her, we take one look at her and decide that she would look better with a few bruises. Ok... more than a few. We put her into some rough bondage. We're talking about pulling her arms back up into an intense strappado, then pulling her tits down with heavily weighted nipple clamps. It opens up her ass to a caning she won't forget. It lets us run crotch rope through her legs and apply pressure to her clit.

Mercy is pretty damn limber, too. We're going to be putting her into some ridiculous positions today. That's why we do these shows, to see if the hottest girls in the world can handle the most extreme bondage on the Internet.

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