Self-Inflicted Part 2
Kel Bowie realtimebondage 2016-04-30 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Kel Bowie is one of those people who loves bondage so much that she can't get enough of it, no matter who her handler is. She's a hot, little redhead who is willing to do the sickest things that our members come up with. In fact, we barely have to lay a hand on her, because she will enthusiastically punish herself as vigorously as we would.

Nothing is off limits for her, either. She'll gladly put clamps all over her body and pinch the hell out of her cunt if it will please the viewers. We like seeing her beat her own ass, especially with the dragon tail whip. She even contributes her own ideas on how we can make her life even more miserable. We brought out the butt plug. We told her to fuck her own ass with it. But she was the girl who thought it would be best to smear it with a mixture of wasabi and her own snot, get it nice and lubed up, and then drive it home.

This is what a quality live feed is made of. A submissive so into the torment that she can't get enough.
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