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Real Time Bondage has a great tradition to uphold, going all the way back to the days of Insex. Live feeds are a grueling ordeal that will push the subject to the brink of their limits. Sybil Hawthorne, like so many before her, has come to us so that her mind and her body can be broken. There are so many handlers and so many member requests but Sybil is going to do her best to satisfy every whim they have. Claire Adams, Sister Dee, Damon Pierce and, of course, PD are the instruments of her subjugation. Bronte just watches on with a curious horror, anxiously awaiting her own turn.

The twisted minds produce intense treatments and predicaments. Normally a caning is hardly enough to make Sybil beg for a break, but these are not normal circumstances. She is on her toes and whenever she rests on her heels there is a nasty shock in store for her. She is a crier, there is no doubt about that, but she will do anything to satisfy her audience. When she hangs her entire weight from her hair they show their approval and she shows how much she craves it. Anything they want to see, she will do.
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