Genital Enhancing
Genital Enhancement Training is necessary for optimum performance of the sexual property. Specific kinds of enhancements like the labial hypertrophy and anal hypertrophy, stretching and conditioning are features that distinguishes the seasoned sex slaves from the less experienced or other types of sexual slaves or service submissive like in wife swapping, cuckold or swing type property.

In this Genital Enhancement training video, Master James places sex slave #525-871-465 in steel bar hand restraints, head harness and a mouth block lead. The block gag lead is attached to the bottom pulley hook which is hoisted, raising her chin, positioning her body in a suitable position. This makes her unbalanced in high heels and very uncomfortable. The weights are added to her outer labia genital piercings for a length of time for a good stretch. The anal plug remains in her ass for the entirety of this training. She is then of course whipped, flogged as part of this kind of slave training. An enjoyable session for some but a most painful session for most.

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