Back for More Part 3
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In the third and final installation of Nikki Darling's second live feed, while she gets soaking wet we are getting ready to hang her out to dry. We strap her arms together and up to the ceiling and have her stand on two metal blocks with electricity coursing through them. Then O.T. and London River work together with whips to really make her suffer. They lash at her back and her ass, sending stinging pain through her body and making her start to cry almost immediately.

O.T. and Matt Williams strap her ankles up to the ceiling and release her wrists so that she is hanging upside down, legs spread. Then they strap a hitachi in place right over her clit and slide a metal pussy hook inside her. O.T. sets the hitachi to high and gets back to whipping. He focuses on her breasts this time, to shake things up. She's shaking and swinging in pain and pleasure. O.T. puts his whip back down so he can take the pussy hook in hand and fuck Nikki with it, and she loves it. She screams as she cums hard from the pressure of the hook on her G-spot.

They pull Nikki down to the floor again so that they can have her bend over the cage they have Milcah Halili boxed up in. O.T. takes out a cane and starts beating her sweet round ass. With every stroke she lets out a little whimper and then begs for more with a "thank you sir may I have another?" And the answer to that is always yes. He keeps going on her until her gorgeous ass is covered in little raised purple lines and he is sure he has left a lasting impression.
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