Bondage Haize Part 3
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It starts with gas masks and tight clamps and ends with nothing but tears and soft sobs. Emma Haize is wrapping up a brutal live feed and the grand finale is something you won't want to miss. We completely break this girl, giving her everything she can handle and more. Pussy torment, fucking, and a caning that triggers an out of body experience? Where else are you going to see this level of BDSM?

It's too much dick for Emma to handle. Jack Hammer has 10 inches of big, black cock and every bit of it is buried inside of her, tearing her tight little pussy open like it's never had anything inside of it before. It's absolute agony, but at the same time she can't get enough of it. Feeling this full is something she wasn't prepared for, but she could get used to it.

The other forms of torment are far worse. Our crew is under strict orders to give her everything she can handle before the end of this live feed. Members like to see a bit of tears in a girls eyes so they can be sure she's had enough. Emma takes such a brutal caning that hers go completely vacant. She is so far into sub space that she has completely left her body. Small moans and sobs escape past the ball gag in her mouth but she is barely reacting as bruises and welts start to rise on her ass.
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