Rag Doll
Liv Aguilera Jack Hammer hardtied 2014-07-23 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Liv Aguilera came to town specifically to play with Jack Hammer. He's a bondage master with miles of rope that he's just waiting to wrap around her tight little body. She's got these nice round tits that are perfect to pinch and pull on. A couple of heavy weights pull her nipples toward the floor and there isn't a thing she can do about it. As Jack canes her thighs and ass she can't even express how much it hurts. Any begging or screaming she might try is muffled by the black ball gag crammed into her mouth.

Things don't stay so simple. Jack is taking Liv for a full BDSM overload. Every part of her is going to get some rough treatment. Her tits will get pumped, her clit vibrated, her arms pulled roughly behind her back, and her mouth stuffed full of panties that are wet from her excitement. And that's without the brutal caning that he has in store for her.

The best is yet to cum. He's got a toy more powerful than anything she has ever experienced waiting in the wings. The Sybian is a ride-on-vibrator, the absolute pinnacle of technology. It's going to tear Category 5 orgasms out from Liv's aching, sore pussy. She is already on her knees but she can barely hold herself up as the ecstasy overcomes her and leaves her a cum-drunk shell of her former self.
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