Nyssas Needs 3
Nyssa Nevers realtimebondage 2012-01-14 49.99 credits Buy Movie
This is what happens when we give our members control over the shoot. Sometimes, instead of watching Nyssa Nevers suffer they decide they want to see her inflict some pain on our lovely decorations. Dixon Mason and Juliette Black were completely content to sit back and watch Nyssa take her stripes. They did not expect she would get a chance to give them a taste of it for themselves. Then again, if any of them could see the future Nyssa may have been nicer. Dixon and Juliette get their revenge shortly after and what goes around comes around. They even get few helpful hints to perfect their form.
chance     form     future nyssa     helpful hints     lovely decoration     member control     pain     revenge     shoot     stripes     taste     
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