Turning Violet Part 3
Poor Violet Monroe has no clue when the end is coming but she is ready for this live feed to be over. She has been punished and humiliated for hours and she knows she can't take much more. She just wants it to be over before she completely breaks.

She thinks that when we strap her down and mount a Sybian between her legs that it is the beginning of the end. She figures that a few intense orgasms will make for a hot finale, and there is nothing better at extracting ecstasy from a tired pussy than the strongest vibrator the world has ever known. She's wrong, though. This isn't the end.

She makes the same mistake when we hook the electrodes up to her. An interrogation? Electrical shocks? This has to be the end, she thinks. But again, she is missing the point. The feed doesn't end because we have run out of ideas. We are never done coming up with new ways to make a girl suffer. This is only going to end when she is completely broken. That's why we have so much fun with these.
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