Bottomless Mimosa Part 2
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After the torment she went through in last week's session of her live feed, Mimosa's face is covered in black streaks from wear her crying washed her makeup down her cheeks. She is a little worn out and spread thin, and we are about to spread her a little more. Our handlers belt her arms and legs down to a St Andrew's Cross so that she is face down, spread eagle, and completely helpless to their plans. O.T.'s plan, and the first up on our docket is for him to try out his new toy.

Somehow, somewhere, O.T. managed to get his hands on a flogger, the tails of which are long chains of metal beads, and if Mimosa thought that the normal flogger hurt she is in for a nasty surprise. The impact of each hit shakes her whole body, and with each swing her face twists up into an even more uncomfortable shape. She's really struggling, now, but our handlers are nowhere near done with her. London hasn't even gotten to take a swing. They flip Mimosa over and London takes out her favorite flogger and starts beating Mimosa's pussy with it. She tries to struggle, but the restraints are too strong, so London decides it's time to move her to a new, more comfortable position.

She lays Mimosa out on the ground with her hands above her head, her wrists and ankles tied together and down to the floor with rope. She starts using Mimosa as her own personal carpet. She steps up on top of her, digging her toes and her heels in alternately as her model squeezes her eyes shut in discomfort and humiliation. Then she kneels down on Mimosa's chest and starts slapping her face over and over again, pausing occasionally only to kiss or bite the model's cheek. In no time at all Mimosa is back in tears, which is exactly as she should be.
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