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When a girl is as sexy as Jeze Belle we talk about her body first. Well, there is a lot to talk about with this one. She has small, firm tits; beautiful, long legs and an ass that begs to be beaten and grabbed. And once we get this pretty little slut into bondage her pussy is dripping wet.

Sometimes we use those words as a metaphor. We get a girl locked down, start to work her over, and her moans and sighs let us know she is really into it. Sometimes we can even spread her pussy open and see how wet she is inside. But with Jeze Belle it doesn't take a closer inspection to see how absolutely horny BDSM makes her. Little streams of her wetness run out of her. It isn't an exaggeration, she is a true bondage slut and it shows.

So what has her so turned on? Well, we don't like to brag, but there is a reason women come to us as the masters of device bondage. OT has her locked down from the second he takes her out of her cage. She is totally under his control while he torments her tits, ass, feet, pussy and face. This isn't just him putting on some handcuffs and lightly whipping her ass. Jeze came here to be pushed, to feel pain and pleasure, and to have her limits pushed. That's what OT gives her. That's what has her so horny she can't hide it.
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