Bondage Haize Part 2
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Blind. Bound. Gagged. Emma Haize agreed to the live feed, having seen what happens already. But every show is unique. We have so many viewers tossing out ideas and each model inspires her own set of torments. For instance, it's been a long time since we broke out the plastic wrap, but this was a wonderful opportunity. She's got a air hole, which is good considering all of her moaning.

The thin sheets of plastic hold on to her as tightly as rope or metal ever could. She probably thought she'd be able to break free if things got a little too rough, but when the whip gets her to start struggling she quickly learns that the material is far stronger than it looks.

She only gets out of it on our terms. Those terms include a leather straightjacket, an inflatable butt plug, and some breath play with one of our favorite gas masks. There's a lot we can do with all of the toys we have in the studio. We even have a couple of nice iron devices to lock her down into, just to keep her perfectly placed for the fun.

It's a long day. Unfortunately for Emma, there is still part 3 of this live feed coming up. And the best part is always the grand finale.
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