Birthday Slut Part 2
Lexi Foxy realtimebondage 2018-11-24 18.99 credits Buy Movie
Nothing says “Happy Birthday!” like electrified nipple clamps. With the T.E.N.S unit set to shock Lexi when any noises hit the microphone it’s time for Luci to have a seat. Where should she sit? Lexi’s face looks like a comfortable perch. Luci’s got that beautifully round bottom to completely smother Lexi. Every time Lexi gets to take in a big gulp of air she makes too much noise and gets a zap!

Birthdays are all about presents and cake. What goes on cake? Candles of course. Lexi gets a ton of wax dripped all over her back and ass. Getting it off isn’t as easy as putting it on, but it might be more fun. Singletail and floggers are tested to see which one works better.
ass     back     big gulp     cake     candle of course     comfortable perch     electrified nipples clamp     gulp of air     happy birthday     lexi     much noise     noise     round bottom     seat     tens unit     time     time lexi     tons of wax     zap!birthdays     
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