Majestic Gibbet
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2019-08-18 9.99 credits Buy Movie
The China Doll slave #465 is here for Slave Transformation and Dehumanization. It is placed in the Craniometer Gibbet for the stimulation enhancement procedure. The Cranial Gibbet is further used for human storage pending further treatments and training.

This stimulation enhancement procedure consists of strict bondage, Pain Duration Tolerance, poking and prodding by birching, paddling, pussy fucking machine and finally reciting slaves creed.

Device Bondage, Female Training, Slave Transformation, Dehumanization, China Doll, Doll Fantasy, Stereotactic Instrument, Craniometer, head cage, Pain Duration Tolerance, human storage, Handler, Master James, slave, Abigail Dupree, Sensualpain
Day 2
Allie James is locked into a automatic blow job machine, with huge ring gag! Brutal deep throating!
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