Domestic Disturbance
Ava D'Amore infernalrestraints 2019-08-02 19.99 credits Buy Movie
Jobs are not easy to find. When I find one I do my best to keep it. Sometimes nothing I do is good enough. I got a job cleaning some dude’s house. He was kind of a creep. He kept trying to get me to wear some skimpy maid costume.

I should have just worn the stupid thing. Now he’s got videos of me doing things I shouldn’t have been doing at work. He held it over my head, made me wear the maid outfit, put a metal gag in my mouth, made me drool all over myself.

No job is worth what he’s put me through. If I thought he’d let me leave I’d quit. He tells me I’m worthless. He’s long since broken my will. He does what he wants with my body. I’ll do as he says and maybe he won’t hurt me... bad.
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