Tit Tie
Red August    
2019-04-10, 38 minutes, 2,045 megabytes, 1280x720 HD
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Red August looks very innocent with her cute little glasses. When the ropes go on and the pain starts she's anything but. Each time she gets hit she laughs. Not the haha, that's funny kind of laugh. The Oh my this is fun kind of laugh. It's like she really enjoys being tied up and hit.

She's got the perfect tits for tying up. The ropes just wrap around them so nicely. Once they are wrapped what can you do with them? Why not attach them to her ankles? Suspended! As she goes spinning around in the air there's more pain and more excited laughter.

With such perfect tits she has to have them bound between two poles. The poles go behind her knees so that pushing down means pulling on her boobs. What a perfect position to make her cum. She cums so hard she drenches the stage.
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