Punishing Paisley
Nothing says party time like seeing a hot woman bound on the floor when you walk in. Jack Hammer sees Paisley Parker sitting there, wrapped in rope, and doesn't even say “Hello” before pulling up a chair and getting down to business.

It's nothing personal, the way he treats her. It's not that he doesn't like her. It's just that he likes her so much more when she is suffering. Something about the way she whimpers is such a turn on. Pull her hair, hear her squeak. Smack her ass, see her jump. Grip her tightly, feel her struggle. She is a wonderful toy to play with, and Jack's happy to have her all to himself.

Paisley pretends that she doesn't enjoy it, but give her a bit of time with the vibrator and her true colors shine through. She's cumming without a care in the world in a matter of minutes. She wants to get off, and she knows that a bit of pain and punishment is the perfect precursor to pleasure.
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