Archaic Sadism
Abigail Dupree 2019-02-06 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Old-fashioned sadomasochism is Sensualpain - Master James interpretation and studies are from life experiences as well as read and studied from respected, practicing S&M members world wide in various fields pertaining to a particular type scene as well as many of the "old-guard" practicals in Master⁄slave dynamics.
Master James recalls; I knew I was a sadistic, hedonistic, S&M Master type in the flavor of BDSM as we know it now, from such an early age I do not recall because we did not have the definitive construct of these terms used today. I knew that I loved inducing and watching people squirm in submission, consensual-non-consensual , pain, fear, love, hate, sexual, wonderment and it wasn't all that consensual like I have it today, which is totally above the board and legal like..
One of the reasons I am so successful at being a Master is that I waited till I found the right slave and honed the right skills needed to give the slave a rounded structure for both of U⁄us to completely enjoy. To better O⁄our lives naturally. This works btw.
Here this scene plays out in the common bondage and discipline, whips and chains. The slave without identity is bound to the metal donkey device with leather cuffs for that plain old-fashioned whipping.

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