The Wages of Sin Part 2
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Eden Sin has that lithe body that just begs to be messed around with. OT tickles her till she can't hold her position anymore. Then she's tied up and suspended facing the ground. Of course she needs nipple clamps! Eden thanks the member who suggested the clamps.

As she's vibrated OT lets her fly around the stage. She swings freely as she's teased relentlessly. She's so close to orgasm, but OT knows just when to pull it away. She begs for orgasm. She's told to count down from 25 before she's allowed to let go. When the orgasm hits she explodes!

Finally Eden is tied to the ground spread eagle. She's penetrated with a giant pogo and wax is dripped all over her taut body. OT pays special attention to her tits and her cunt. Eden shudders and screams as the hot wax hits her tender flesh.
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