HorseRadish Anal Training
Slave Anal Training is a tradition to condition a slave for better sodomy in the BDSM Lifestyle.
IF you have the need to see anal slavery, sodomy or just simple anal play in the Master⁄slave lifestyle OR you are having desires to serve a Master OR you want to learn more about owning a consensual anal slave THEN you are at the right place!
Here in this video you will see Master James interact with his slave abigail SLRN-525-871-465 in the act of submission and anal training. This is accomplished by the Master giving tasks to the slave for stretching the asshole for better sodomy and fetish perversions. Other means of direct training shown here are influenced by the cane, cock sucking and the horseradish root.
By watching this video, I am quite sure that you will be educated in the administration and use of the horse root in a greedy submissive asshole as well as a need to purchase any video this anal slave has made.
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