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The day of reckoning is at hand. Ashley Lane is going to face the most difficult trial of her career. This hot piece of ass is coveted by men around the world. That hot body is soon going to be writhing in pleasure-pain. Her beautiful face will soon be twisting as she screams from each successive orgasm.

Ashley is spread eagle on the ground, her arms and legs shackled. At first Matt Williams teases her. He makes her ask him for the first orgasm while he plays with her. Then things change. Suddenly the rules have shifted.

This is Orgasmageddon. This is Ashley having no choice but to keep cumming, non-stop, while we relentlessly push the vibrator against her clit. There are no breaks. There is no time for her to recover, or reflect, or prepare. Her pussy is raw, her clit is sore, but there is no relief coming. Just more time with Mr. Hitachi and another orgasms just around the corner.
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