Bossy Bitch
Krissy Lynn Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-02-11 16.99 credits Buy Movie
You can't see them through her button down, but Krissy Lynn is packing a set of tits that would make anyone jealous. They aren't just big, they are perfect. These are the kind of magnificent breasts that you hear described in frat boy stories and penthouse letters. The second we take them out they are in bondage and presented for play time.

Some girls rely on their looks. They don't have much else going for them. You could easily imagine Krissy being one of those, but she has an insatiable lust for cock that means she is always eager to please. Jack Hammer feeds her all ten inches of his big, black cock and if she could get a word out around it the only thing she would say is “More!”

Pleasing others fuels her own pleasure. The way she bucks, moans and pants give her away. The orgasms she's having now are the best of her life. We deliver nothing less.
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