Tender Pussy Plunder
The human females are such mysteriously attractive creatures. With all their sweet little smells and their pretty little features. Who doesn't want to tie them down and explore every inch of their tender flesh? I bet you certainly would take your time exploring slave abigail while bent over and restrained perfectly still, her ass perversely exposed and pussy wide open for fuckery. If you were in her Masters shoes, I bet you just cannot help yourself but to use her in all of the perverse ways.

This scene starts out with the slave sitting on the toilet, sucking masters cock as a piss starter. Then Master brings the slave into the dungeon for some fuckery. He has slave abigail in a pickle of a position with her back on the table, bent in half with her legs over her head ass up. The belt that Master James uses to secure the slaves head limits her movements as she is contorted to the point of disfigurement. She almost has to choke herself out to relieve her pain in her back. He attaches painful weighted flesh hooks on her tender legs then uses them to spread her pussy. It's an awful predicament.

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