Subject 146
Iona Grace infernalrestraints 2014-10-10 19.99 credits Buy Movie
“Wake up, Subject 146. You will now begin your daily routine.” This one has no name anymore. She may have been Iona Grace before, but that isn't just a past life, it's another reality entirely. She's more of an inanimate object than a person now. Only her beautiful features speak to what she once was. Her curves are amazing. They must have had men in awe at one point. The way her big tits stand out, you know that she turned a lot of heads. But now she is a piece of property. Only one man ever sees her and her good looks aren't doing her any favors with him.

If she had more courage she may be disobedient but she is not brave enough to defy the voice that comes over the intercom. It's degrading and humiliating to just blindly kowtow to the orders being barked at her. But then she looks around and realizes the truth. This is far too elaborate and well organized for her to be the first girl. She is subject 146. She doesn't want there to be a subject 147.

The price of failure is steep enough. Things aren't so bad when she can follow his orders, but when she disappoints him, OT is quick to show his displeasure. He has so many canes and whips and other implements of pain that, if subject 146 could just follow orders, she may have been able to avoid. But she is weak. She doesn't try hard enough. And for that she has to suffer.
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