Pain Trained slave In Gibbet
slave Lucy sensualpain 2020-10-11 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Slave Lucy continues her slave training in the dungeon next door to hell. The pain intensity rises and rises to the point of almost freaking out. She must endure this pain without question or hesitation. Master James turns up the heat with Power Tool Fuckery on her feet, Nipple Clamps and Weighted Meat Hooks.

Verbal interrogation reveals some insight into this dynamic between a Master and His new subject in Sadomasochism at the end.

A grotesque display of gender fuckedness and degradation. A subhuman freak and pig. Not the kind of girl you bring around the family. Her journey into real Total Power Exchange, harsh slavery, and a life of suffering, has only just begun. If she proves herself worthy, she may earn a steel collar, effectively becoming property.

BDSM, Slave Training, Gibbet, Metal Bondage, Agony, Power Tool, Fuckery, Foot Torture, Nipple Clamps, Weighted Meat Hooks, Painful, Yelling Out, TPE slave, MtF, Bald, Transgender, Tranny Pig, Freak, Steel Cage, Handcuffs, Male Master, Sadomasochism, Total Power Exchange, Metal, Steel, Dildo, Degradation, Suffering, Septum Ring, Shaved Head, Creature, Pain Pig, DEBRISx Suffering, Torture, Kink,
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