Leather And Pain
Lexy Bound in Leather and Pain - Lexy Bound has been wanting to come visit Master James for quite some time now and her day has finally arrived. Her Mistress is out of town for a few weeks and has sent her little slut to us to see if she is truly ready to become the slave she claims she is ready to be. She is willing to go through anything in order to get a good report sent to her Mistress. Lexy is put into heavy metal shackles, spreader bars, chains, an extremely strict leather posture collar and leather bondage, before being led front and center. As she is put through rigorous bondage and painful licks of the whip, she begins to show her excitement through her pink mesh panties. If there's one thing that doesn't lie about the slut you truly are, it's your soaking wet panties. But Lexy is fully aware of her lustful tell tale as she feels Master James giving her glimpses of His primal core. A beautiful and true display of Sensualpain play out in the scenes to follow as Lexy vies for her place at the feet of her Mistress as a true slave.
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