It is Nothing Part 2
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With bottle caps taped tightly to its abdomen it is put on the ground face. Handcuffs are placed on its wrists and ankles. The cuffs are then connected together to form a strict handcuff hogtie. It then has to crawl to the key to get out. Two more caps are added to her tits.

Failing to get out it is picked up and flogged. The caps are pushed deeper into her tender flesh by the heavy flogger. The members have their names written on its body. Then on request OT hits their name with the whip.

It is then put into a torso tie and put up on its toes.
abdomen     ankle     body     bottle cap     cap     ground face     handcuff     heavy flogger     key     member     request ot     strict handcuff hogtie     tender flesh     tits     toe     torso tie     whip     wrist     
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