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Bethany came to Damon Pierce looking for an intense bondage experience. She wanted to be taken to places, mentally and physically that no one had pushed her to before. Damon just wants to make her cry. Everything he does works toward that goal. While she may be getting fucked and vibrated, it will never be enough to block out those intense canings and spankings.

Tears roll down her face in a cascade. At times Bethany cannot help but be wracked by sobs. Her dream was to be tormented by someone cruel and sadistic. She wanted to know what it felt like to be used and discarded. She needed someone to take her body and hurt it in ways she never thought possible. Damon has made that fantasy into a very dark and very painful reality. Even though she says she is afraid the next time will be even worse, it did not stop her from calling him and asking for another round.
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