[Archive] Mrs. Wellington's Big Day
Emma Rain DeGrey topgrl 2015-02-23 9.99 credits Buy Movie
Mrs. Wellington's husband is never home these days and she is very very bored. Her secret desires of pain and punishment and brutal fucking are not being met. What is a bored housewife to do? Call Rain DeGrey. Rain will come over and give lonely Mrs. Wellington exactly the sort of treatment her hungry cunt so deeply desires.

Bound in her basement, Mrs. Wellington eagerly awaits her punishment. Her husband is out of town and it is time for her to have some fun. Rain descends upon her tender flesh in a flurry of chains, rough fucking and water bondage as Mrs. Wellington is ridden hard and put away wet. There is no mercy asked and no mercy given.

By the time Rain is done with her, Mrs. Wellington is a limp, bruised and gasping puddle of well-fucked flesh twitching on the floor. She cannot even get her eyes uncrossed. This painslut got exactly what she craves. As soon as those bruises heal and her husband is out of town again, Mrs. Wellington will no doubt be calling up Rain for another round...
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