Queen of Pain 2
The problem with hanging upside down, as Elise Graves is quickly
finding out, is that it is extremely disorienting. It is bad enough
when it is a suspension, but she finds herself at the mercy of Cyd
Black, with a box around her, unable to even see what he is planning
on doing to her already tender ass and feet. They have already seen a
bit of action and she is not quite ready for more.

Cyd is no more kind than he is patient. She thinks that coming out of
the box means something good must be about to happen. She can't
imagine how things could get worse. It doesn't matter, though,
because Cyd can and he will show her. The best thing that is going to
happen to her today involves getting vibrated until she is screaming
for it to stop. After that it will be nothing but increasing

The most brutal part of her predicament doesn't even look that bad, at
first. The two chains that run to her are just a few links too short
in either direction to let her get comfortable. In her ass is a giant
pear, and as she moves away from that chain it pulls taut and pushes
it at painful angles. To her nose Cyd has attached another ring, so
that when she moves toward her back end it will stretch her septum.

The pear in her ass keeps her from sitting down, the one in her mouth
from lying on her face. And because of the box around her torso she
can't even use her arms for balance. It is painful, humiliating, and
frustrating to be so helpless and so sore. All she can do is cry to
herself and hope for it to end.
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