Waiting To Please
Kay Kardia Jack Hammer hardtied 2015-04-29 16.99 credits Buy Movie
Jack Hammer is turning Kay Kardia into a canvas for his latest work of art. She'll be bound in rope, but not just trussed up like a piece of meat. He winds it around her with expert hands, working quickly, but sensually. When she feels his hands on her Kay moans with lust and anticipation.

She wants him so badly. She wants to please him. She's been waiting for the opportunity, and now here it is. All she needs to do is suffer sweetly and become the work of BDSM art that he has been trying to create. It isn't just about the rope and the bruises. This is a piece that lives and breathes. Every moan, and orgasm, and scream is as much a part of this as the red welts the cane leaves on her ass.

Kay is sexy and fulfilling. She performs well. Jack keeps a souvenir from her, something to remember her by, and sends her on her way. But if the glow around her is any indication, Kay will be back for more soon.
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