Elise's Challenge
Elise Graves realtimebondage 2012-09-22 49.99 credits Buy Movie
What we have done to Elise Graves so far is so hot that Maggie Mead needs a minute to herself. We sure as hell don't mind watching her play with her pussy in the cage while we get ready for another round of live, streamed bondage.

Elise hasn't had it too rough yet. She has cried, but nothing like she will in a minute. PD and Matt want her to answer a few questions under duress. She isn't too bad at that but the next activity brings the real trauma.

They are going to flog and cane her until she screams for them to stop. That is nothing new. But this time she doesn't actually get the option of mercy. Instead she is only allowed to ask them to move on to a new torment. While she tries to hold out as long as she can with each attack the tears start to flow again.

The next time Elise breaks down is even more magnificent. We own some of the most brutal clips and clamps in the world. The ones we subject Elise to are definitely near the top of that list. Even worse than just being tight enough to have her yelling at the top of her lungs they are hooked to machine that pushes some heavy voltage through her nipples.

She is literally begging for anything else, without giving a second thought to what that would mean. When we switch them from her tits to her twat, though, she realizes her mistake.
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