Invited Related Voyeur
Abigail Dupree 2016-11-09 14.99 credits Buy Movie
Invited Related Voyeur - We start with a seemingly unaware Abigail being spied upon in the shower. Abigail has a peeping Tom problem that needs a resolution; though, what is a problem could be seen as a relative thing. One of her not so secret admirers is in for a cruel granting of his verboten fantasy. Watch as the slave Abigail brings out her dominant side, to torment her small voyeur. Abigail in this session wields a big toy and verbal daggers, both for her pleasure. She is cruel, she is merciless, and she takes what she wants. Enjoy some intense toy and role play of a forbidden nature. This is an actual live performance by slave Abigail for for her sick, and now familiarly twisted admirer.
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