Slink Slog Anal Probe Test
Abigail Dupree sensualpain 2018-05-20 12.99 credits Buy Movie
Sometimes, things do not quite go the way you had them all worked out in your head... In fact, sometimes they don't work at all. Now, there are mixed reviews and differing opinions about whether or not these not so successfully executed endeavors are something that people want to see because a certain sort of "Magic" is lost when the theatrics are stripped away; but W⁄we here at Sensual Pain, are all about giving you a view into the real In's and Outs of O⁄our M⁄s dynamic so we keep those cameras rolling. Lucky for the viewers, these moments almost always tend to bring tears to abigail's eyes one way or another. Master James received a new toy in the mail, the Large Slink by Square Peg Toys, and cannot wait to give it a spin on slave abigail. Once abigail gets acquainted with it and figures out how to keep in in her slippery grip she is already feeling worn out so Master James takes over. When slave abigails ass hole isn't cooperating fast enough for Master James' liking he grabs a speculum to take a gander at what could be holding things back and that's when the tears are summoned.
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